Annual Events

Annual Events

Belonging to a parish means being part of a community. There are plenty of social and liturgical events throughout the year that bring people together. We invite you to attend some of the following:

One last feast before Lent, held the evening before Ash Wednesday. A relaxed and informal dinner takes place in the church hall, providing a great opportunity to mingle and meet people. 

A day of Obligation and fasting for Catholics; the Faithful receive ashes upon their heads in atonement for sin. A number of additional Masses are made available to enable working folk to receive ashes throughout the day.

During the penitential season of Lent, regular Tuesday evening Oratory is temporarily replaced by Lenten Oratory. These themed weekly gatherings include a presentation in the church, quiet meditation and traditional Oratorian prayers. The last Lenten Oratory usually takes place the week before the Easter Triduum.

During the seven weeks of Lent, the Faithful are invited to participate in the Stations of the Cross for ± 30 minutes on Friday evenings.

As part of their catechetical education, our young parishioners prepare and participate in their own special version of the Stations of the Cross. Parents and family are invited to attend.

A beautiful, reverent evening of Oratorial-style sung prayer. The Musical Oratory is an additional evening of worship over and above the slightly shorter Friday Stations of the Cross.

Have you ever experienced the full devotion of Easter? The Triduum begins with Mass on Maundy Thursday, continues with a service on Good Friday, Vigil Mass on Saturday and the Easter celebration on Sunday. Attending all four days requires a substantial commitment but also allows us to enter more deeply into our Lord’s Passion.

A social games night in the church hall

In celebration of the feast of St Francis of Assisi, pet owners are invited to bring their furry/fluffy/feathered friends to the parish garden for a blessing on a Saturday morning. Donations of pet food are collected for the Animal Welfare Society in Walmer, which we try to support whenever possible.

A weekend of quiet prayer and contemplation that spans 40 hours, during which the Blessed Sacrament is continuously exposed. As Catholics, the words of our Lord burn in our hearts: “I myself am the living bread come down from Heaven.  If anyone eats this bread, He shall live forever; the bread I will give is my flesh for the life of the world” (John 6:51).

This devotion originated in approximately 1530 but was popularised by St Philip Neri and others. The devotion starts on a Friday evening and concludes Sunday afternoon. The Faithful are invited to set aside a time of their choosing to come to church and pray, read or meditate on the Word of God.

We celebrate the end of school term and the start of summer holidays with a Sunday braai in the Oratory garden. Bring your meat, drinks and a picnic blanket and share a relaxing few hours with priests and parishioners.

The four weeks leading to Christmas are a time of introspection and spiritual preparation. Tuesday evening Oratory is temporarily replaced by Advent Oratory. These themed weekly gatherings include a presentation in the church, quiet meditation and traditional Oratorian prayers. The last Advent Oratory takes place the week before Christmas.

The Advent wreath workshops have become a popular addition to our annual Christmas preparations. On a Saturday before Advent, participants are taught to make their own wreaths and thereby start a Christmas tradition of lighting candles at home every evening during Advent. The children in our youth ministry also have an opportunity to make Advent wreaths with their parents.

Attend an evening of singing and fellowship in the Oratory Garden. Pack a picnic basket, blanket and candles.

Always a highlight of the year, especially as many friends and family from out of town attend Christmas Mass in our parish. Be sure to arrive early for the popular time slots!

Contrary to the usual New Year’s Eve party, this celebration is a unique opportunity to ring in the new year on a more quiet and contemplative note.