Business Directory

Supporting our parish community

The St. Bernadette’s Parish Business Directory will launch later this year. It will be a list of businesses and services owned, or offered, by registered members of St Bernadette’s parish.  

The church does not endorse or benefit from any of the services listed, but offers all parishioners an opportunity to ‘support local’ by choosing someone from within the parish business community. After the financial challenges of the last two years, your support, and ours, can make all the difference.

To advertise: A Google form will soon be attached. There is no charge for this listing. The parish office will contact you after reviewing the information submitted. Hard copies of the form will be available from the parish office. Please note: listings must belong to legitimate members of St Bernadette’s church. 

Directory Disclaimer

This business directory merely provides information on businesses owned or managed by parishioners of St Bernadette’s parish or professional services provided by parishioners. 

While St Bernadette’s parish endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information in the Directory, St Bernadette’s parish: (1) Does not warrant or guarantee the reliability, accuracy or legality of any of the information contained in the Directory; (2) Expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with regard to the Directory; and (3) Will not be liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of the Directory.  St Bernadette’s parish is not an agent for any business in the Directory and does not recommend or warranty any particular product or service in the Directory. There is no recourse to St Bernadette’s parish if there is any problem with any product or service sold as a result of using the Directory or if there is a problem with any business arrangement between any listed business in the Directory and any of its customers.  St Bernadette’s parish accepts no responsibility for the performance or actions of any business in the Directory.