Memories of St Bernadette’s – Photo Gallery

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit photos and share their memories of St Bernadette’s parish, some of which date back nearly all the way to the beginning, 75 years ago. 

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Moira Boshoff shared the following:
“I have so many wonderful memories but one which I thought would be shared by so many of the parishioners during 1996 is an article that Fr Ron Darwen SJ wrote for the Jesuit and Friends magazine of his sabbatical stay with us for that year. He touched the lives of so many of the parishioners as you will see in the article.  It sums up just what an incredible blessing that year was for us all. I was very blessed indeed to be working for the Parish at that time as the Pastoral Assistant and had the privilege to work with Fr Darwen.  A year I will always be deeply grateful for. “