Request Services

Mass Intentions, Prayer List, Pious List and Home Blessings

A number of liturgical offerings (services) are available to our parishioners. Please use this link to email us your request. Kindly contact the parish office if you do not receive a reply via email within 48 hours. 

Monthly Prayer List

The prayer list acknowledges the special needs of those in our parish, mostly for ill health but also troubled circumstances. It is a public request for prayer from the greater parish community and is published weekly in our parish newsletter. Names are added and removed on a monthly basis.

Mass Intentions

Every Mass is celebrated with an intention, either for a particular person, for the benefit of the celebrant alone, or for the benefit of a particular group, ie those on the Pious List, the parish, or patrons of the parish. Mass Intentions are honoured by the priest irrespective of public mass attendance. A token donation is appreciated but not required. Please book Mass intentions well in advance as the book fills up quickly. 

Annual Pious List

The Pious List is compiled every year in October for deceased friends and family of the parish. It fulfills our Catholic obligation to pray for the dead and is a tangible reminder of the debt of gratitude and prayer we owe to those “who have gone before us marked with the Sign of Faith” 

Each new list is displayed in the church from the feast of All Souls (31 October) until October of the following year. Mass is regularly offered for those on the list. A donation is appreciated but not required. Please contact the parish office in October 2022 to submit a request for the 2022/2023 list.

Request a Blessing

To request the blessing of your home or a personal item (such as a rosary) from a priest is to consecrate that item to the care and work of the Holy Spirit. Consecrated items can therefore not be casually disposed of (a priest can assist you with this if necessary).